After a stroke… Bits-n-pieces..July 2013

  • Hi gang! I’m going to use this title for odds-n-end items that wouldn’t be long enough for a good article but still have helped me in my quest for independence.
  • Mirrors..Since I couldn’t use a regular mirror now I decided to get a small mirror for my desk. On to for my shopping trip.  I found just  the right one…surprise! This mirror is just what I was looking for.
  • TOOTHBRUSH…I, mister cheap, used to always buy the cheapest things I could. No money, and lots of family members. Yes I did have jobs, just not higher paying ones. [that’ll be later] So serious dental care was not a part of my thinking. After my stroke there was only me to take care of….so at 70 I thought about upgrading things. Since I couldn’t use my hand after my stroke, I thought about an electric toothbrush. Far easier to use to brush my teeth. I finally settled on this one,  works great!
  • MOUTHWASHES….I used to use Listerine but the taste got to me. So I changed to Scope. Nice and minty.  I was using this until my stroke came along. After awhile I found my mouth drying up. Very uncomfortable…so began my quest for a new mouthwash. I tried many kinds, until I found this one, which tasted good [for a mouthwash], and some healing properties included..good!

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