After a stroke getting a “reacher”


  •  Here’s a must have for us stroke victims. It’s called a “reacher”. During my time in rehab I was introduced to this item. As I learned to use it I could see the value of this thing.
  •  The Duro-Med 32 is sturdily built. I found it able to pick up most objects that were too low for me to bend over without back pain. Flat paper could be picked up by pushing it against a solid surface such as your shoe to raise one side and then grasping a side with the grabber. The magnetic tip came in handy for picking up light objects containing ferrous material such as pins or nails. The shape of the grabber’s jaws allows for grasping objects with a variety of shapes.
  • I think for me the hardest thing to accept is that I need this thing. I usta just bend over and get stuff, now it’s like planning for invasion…uggg. I know, I know..I need to be thankful that I’m alive and kicking. Sometimes I just gotta you my friends who understand stroke stuff.
  • Here’s where you can get one…


  1. sometimes, I think one of these reachers would come in handy for me!! haha Glad that you have something that is so helpful for you dad.

    Love you


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