After a stroke…PB and J



No…..It’s not something naughty…or health wise; it’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. After my stroke I had to learn all over again how to chew. My first convalescent hospital had an in house therapist that worked with me on moving my jaw and neck muscles. We laughed and I giggled at my attempts to speak and chew. Actually it was awful for me, but I was very determined to get better. I saw her twice a week for about six weeks. She was very helpful to get me back on track.  Now I must admit to loving peanut butter. As a kid it was one of our staple foods in the 1940’s. Most every thing  was rationed and very hard to get. [remember Spam?]. I digress, I often had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my lunch bag. My favorite was Skippy chunk style peanut butter.

In fact during my life time I moved on to even better brands. Before my stroke I was eating the kind you had to hand mix the oil into the butter. It tasted sooo fresh..ummm, and I had  gone to jam. Now you ask, what does this have to do with my stroke? I thought that I couldn’t chew anymore and so, no more peanuts. this was most upsetting.  As it turned out, this thought was wrong! Today, November 2013, I can begin to enjoy once more crunchy peanut butter on English muffins

Don’t give up on yourself. In spite of your handicap you can live life to the full.


  1. you always loved your peanuts! That is a great memory I will always have of you. I went to Orchard Supply Hardware today just because you used to take me there with you when you
    were building or repairing something at home. I wanted to just smell the smell of that place, because it always reminds me of you. I walked slowly up and down the aisles, the workers asked me a few times if I needed help! ha but it was so therapeutic for me and so many childhood memories of you in that place came flooding back.
    When I went near the cashiers, bags of peanuts were for sale on the shelves, I wanted to buy a bag for you. I miss you already dad. I’m just glad I have so many clear, wonderful memories of you and with you.

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