After a stroke..reading.. Kindle

I used to read a lot of magazines. I liked Forbes, Trains, history and mysteries the most. After my stroke I couldn’t move my right hand to turn pages, and couldn’t see out of my left eye too well. Well I thought I was done was over for me. Just stuck in this bed, staring at the ceiling all day…[boring] 

The thought that stacks of books around me would be too much. I was never a big reader of books anyway because I had places to go, people to see, and things to do before stroke so I put that idea out of my mind. Then along comes with the Kindle reader program. My curiosity got the better of me …so I decided to check it out. This program let me go through their library of books and see what appealed to me. In true Amazon fashion I got to see what others thought about my pick, even read a bit of the story, and even save my selection  to order later. You can get hard cover books, or soft cover, or what I like most are E-books. The great thing about e-books is you can get them immediately via internet download. No waiting days for it to arrive.

Oh yea,you can also get “audio books”. Just like listening to the old radio shows. I like’s handling of my personal information and trust them, although they do bombard you with “things you may like”. Well it’s the 21st century..wha ya gonna do?


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