After a stroke…reading


   I have been a mostly magazine reader guy. Mostly because I  w as busy making a living [self employed] so not too interested  in [wasting time] reading books!

   After I had my stroke I was forced into changing my thinking. Well’ I thought, perhaps I can catch up on reading. So I went to because I’d heard you could get books there.

   Then Kindle came into my life! Turns out you can download this app for free for your PC. No stacks of books beside my bed. They’re delivered wireless through the internet! No UPS shipping, just BAM and I have it! I keep them all in my computer. I can go to the Kindle store and look for books that interest me. I found I really like mysteries and history.


  1. I know so many people love reading on the Kindle..Chet always makes fun of me because I am such a paper person, I guess I’m considered “old school”! haha I still can’t get into reading on a computer! But I am so glad you love it Dad 🙂

    Love you,


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