After a Stroke tips…Dental health

In the past I’ve always got the cheapest toothbrush I could find. Not giving any thought to dental health. Well, several years ago that all changed. I was having tooth troubles and had to go to see a dentist. [the reason I had no regular dentist was lack of money and no concern for dental health.]  The dentist told me that my mouth was in bad shape. He would have  to pull out several teeth and fit me with a partial denture. 

[Oh no...false teeth] .  How much>>I asked…2 grand! I asked,can I pay on time..yes..Lets go ahead. And so for the next several months I was a regular visitor to my dentist. Now obliviously this is not the best approach..but a new experience for me.  Taking care of my mouth and teeth became a new priority for me.

I began brushing my teeth regularly and using mouthwash too! [better late than never]..I upgraded my toothbrush  and went from Listerine to Scope. Then I moved into assisted living with my oldest daughter. The key word here is “assisted”. No more waited on hand and foot. She is there when I need her, but encourages me to do all that I can on my own. I didn’t like Scope that much so onto Amazon to see what’s available. Found a mouthwash that tasted ok and was good for me called 

Biotene PBF Oral Rinse

Next I went to toothbrushes. Found an electric one that suited me well..[it’s hard for me to brush like I used to ]..this battery powered unit works great and is cheap too. 

Spinbrush Prowhitening Battery Powered Toothbrush

Now these changes took place over a long time, so I encourage you do not give up.


  1. So proud of you dad! It is really special to see you encouraging others. I love you

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