After a stroke..Vitamins??..umumum

I’ve been a vitamin taker for many years. Since the 1960’s when my wife got me started on ’em. She convinced me it was good health to start taking vitamin C. It wasn’t long til I was taking all kinds of vitamins. I became convinced that all the vitamins were being processed out of food. During  this time we got into health food too.  The kids weren’t real happy with that regimen!  Well we didn’t keep that up too long…not enough money.

But I did keep up the vitamins. What research I did convinced me more so that vitamins were good. I was on the look-out for better vits all the time. [Yes, sort of became a fanatic!] Now, back then there were no PC’s or Google to go look up things…so I read some books and asked around.

So along comes 2013. I’m going to “independent living” from a   convelsant  hospital  and my daughter ask’s me Why I’m taking so many vitamins? My reply was..”they are good for me”. My daughter  is not a vitamin person…never has been,never will be. So I began to pay attention to what she presented to me. [This was not easy for me to do…remember I was “convinced” that vits were good]. I cut off a few vitamins I was taking..she asked..”feel any different?”.. No…so I cut off more for about a month…soon I was taking none. I didn’t want to even think of the money I was saving.

The upshot of this whole thing is..I’m eating better, paying attention to  my body signs, and enjoying myself more. I’m including an article about omega-3 fish oil tablets for you to see for yourself  whether you should research this matter.

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