After stroke-change of thinking

   This is a good thing. I didn’t realize how much I was in a BOX that I had created for myself. Yes,meeee…ya know growing up, thinking certain things, forming my opinions, not really listening to others. If you could see my’s red with embarrassment. I gave the impression that I was flexible, but deep inside I firmly kept my opinions anyway,right or wrong. 

   Now that I’ve grown older and hopefully wiser I’m on a mission to reexamine my thinking in all areas except one…my belief in Jesus Christ. Every day God amazes me. From things I take for granted, because I was born and live in America to watching world events unfold and realizing how powerful prayer is. When I was a kid we said the pledge of alligence to the flag every school day. We were taught to be proud of our country not ashamed of it.

   I’m a conservative  and I believe that each one of us has the right of choice. I feel our founding fathers were led by God to establish America. Let’s face it…it was hard,  messy times.  

  I’m now making an effort to listen to other views and opinions, and I’m finding more and more evidence of the truth of some of my views. However, I’m making attitude adjustments daily. I feel like I’m getting wiser because it;s getting easier to stay quiet and listen these days.

   I’m out of the box at last, however it’s not a simple, easy thing. I am determined to live my life, what’s left of it, to the fullest!

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