After stroke..making changes in my Box

  I got to thinking about more things I needed  to say on this subject. The box represents my thinking pattern for all my life. At 75 years old this is not an easy thing to contemplate changing. In fact, think of the Christmas season,  how most of us grow up thinking there is a Santa, snow gently falling, turkey and ham dinners, apple pie etc, only to find out later this is not always true. So it  is with many of the things we hold dear. Lately I’ve been forcing myself to look at things from a different point of view, to step out of my Box so to speak!

   As an example, having a car.  I couldn’t wait to learn how to drive. In my days we could get a learners permit at fifteen and half. My dad refused to teach me “car 101” so I learned in public school. There were four of us mixed boys and girls going out twice a week in a new 1953 Chevy four door sedan. This was a stick shift on the column [no automatics for us] and I took to driving like a duck takes to water.

   Now after all these years of loving to drive, I can’t! My stroke took my balance and fine motor skills away. It’s been very, very hard on me not to drive. However I’m determined  to stretch myself out and learn other things about getting around. Just thinking out of the box is so hard. 

   To sum this all up…You are still YOU.  As you adjust your thinking can make things out of the box. You’ve done it all your life, and as long as you’re breathing …YOU can do it.

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