After stroke massages

This is something I discovered for me that is most helpful in dealing with my stroke. My masseuse comes to my room twice a month and gives me a through rub down. Yes I pay for these personally, and they are worth every penny. I had never really thought about having a massage before. The benefits are awesome,

The first: having someone touch you,,.most people see someone in a crippled state and avoid them. thinking it may be catching! Before I had my stroke I was that way. Shame on me. After stroke my thinking was changed drastically.  

Second...working and stretching areas of my body I was unable to reach now. When you are not handicapped  you don’t think about these things. You just do them. I found this to be most irritating. I would get mad at myself…I know..I know..stupid eh. I was  used to “taking care of myself.” Now I had to look to others for help. I was a very independent person!

Thirdly...Attitude change…Before I decided that this would be good for me I thought long and hard about this.  It was’t covered by insurance…so I had to pay. Next I looked up on the internet what you got and where it could be done, and could I afford it? As I thought about all this, I kept thinking about my age. 60 years of giving to others, perhaps it was time to think of myself…so I saught the advice of a few friends and I agreed with them…now I have a massage twice a month.










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