After stroke tips-Coffee…yes or no

I  love a good cup of coffee. It all began when I  was a youngster. The late 1940’s it was….as a guy I looked up to my dad..he could do no wrong. He always had cup of coffee first thing in the morning. So I asked him if I could have some..he told me no, it wasn’t time yet. Well one day we were off to see Yosemite park just me-n-him and on the trip he musta decided I was ready for my first cup of coffee.

Well we stopped at a small diner just outside the park and he ordered coffee and a doughnut for both  of us. I was served my first cup of coffee! He put a little bit of sugar in and cream. MY FIRST CUP. I sipped, it was hot, and tasted horrible. However, I was determined to be a I tried once more. Still horrible. Remember this was a 10 year old boy. So I,for now, gave up on my quest for coffee.

Coffee is an acquired taste, and by the time I was 18 it was the “speed me up choice” of the day. Now I was on the quest to find the perfect tasting coffee. Most coffee’s tasted like “dishwater” I tried many different coffees, Folgers, Maxwellhouse, on and on I went. Finally along came Starbucks which had a good taste. After my stroke I found Petes Coffee. Heavenly! Also when I went to my daughters to live independently, she, like me,appreciated a tasty cup of coffee.

Now I do have to say everyone is different on tastes. Also I have one cup in the morning only,,no more..keeps me up! Yes it was fun on the search, however The point of this article is: don’t give up on life because you  had a stroke! I was 72 when I finally found my coffee.




  1. Cute story dad…I love hearing stories from when you were young. Glad you found your cofffee! We enjoy Peet’s as well…when I was in Seattle, I found an amazing coffee! Top Pot smooth and good…unfortunately they don’t ship 🙁

  2. Great story. Was looking for after stroke tips for my farther.

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