After stroke tips…my old telephone

When I was young our phone hung on the wall in the kitchen.  Yes I know..really! You see in those days the phone company provided everything we needed..the line from the pole, the connection  at the house, even one phone!  We had one that was mounted on the wall at standing height. When my mom would get a call from my aunt she would have me stand on a stool so I could talk to her and say hi. This was called a telephone. It kinda looked like a toaster [that big],other kinds ,you rented from the phone company..they were called french phones and sat on tables.

How did Alexander Graham Bell come up with the name ‘telephone’?
He used the Greek words, building on the word telegraph: 
“tele” – meaning distant (television is distant vision); and 
“phone” – “speech sound” (as in phonetics, or phonograph). 
So put it together – “telephone” – meaning speech and sound traveling distant.

As I look around me today [2013] and see almost everyone with a cel phone  and internet connection, and think back to the 1940’s I realize that we were happy with what we had then, as you are happy now with hand held computer phones. It’s a matter of accepting this season in life.

Since my stroke I’ve had to accept this time in my life. This is not easy to do. I am constantly dreaming I’m walking somewhere, and moving about normally as I used to do. Visiting mountains and sea shores in different countries. However, I am determined to live this part of life to the fullest…so don’t give up…there’s adventure ahead.




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