After Stroke Tips, forks and spoons and straws after stroke

After Stroke Tips

I discovered recently that because of my stroke I had a weak grip on my eating utensils.

using plastic fork or spoon is easier after a strokeAt first I was mad!  [I’m still having much trouble accepting  that I’m crippled or”handicapped”]. Regular utensils felt so heavy.   I eat with my right hand andit would fight me all the time. So as I thought about it ‘”plastic would be lighter.”…easier to grip and maneuver.  My daughter fixed me up with some , so now I sail right along.

Straws:  another change in my life. The stroke affected my mouth no more swig’in down drinks. had to go to using straws. 

Even wine and beer.

As I became more familiar  with straws I found there were different sizes available. So I ordered from Amazon some large diameter straws.

These work fine for soups and such and don’t plug up.

Just a little more about my experience “coping with life after a stroke”

I will try to get more tip on coping with life after a stroke up, but it is hard for me to type and it 

takes me a long time to write one small article.

But come back and check me out for new tips on how to deal with life after a stroke soon!


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