Afterstroke tips…get familiar with a computer.

This tip really is dependent on how bad your stroke was. Getting on the internet will pay off big. It will be like “around the world in 80 days”, or “chitty chitty bang bang ‘ from your chair. It will be well worth the effort to arrange this set up.

For me this so  helped me not to be bored. If you need to perhaps your caregiver can help you. It will take some time to become acquainted with a PC. For most of us “ole timers”this is a new experience, but if you set your mind to it can be very worthwhile.

You can watch all kinds of movies [], Travel [], Food stuff [], even look up your favorite hobbies. In fact there are sites you can call friends and family members with video to actually see how they are.

One of my favorite sites is for shopping for stuff. I’m a window shopper. Like to look around and think about what I want. is like walking into Cosco only better. You can find most anything you may want here, and once you are all set up with them..the sky’s the limit.For instance..”earphones” I could listen privately to music I enjoy without disturbing those around me. They had them from 6 or 8 dollars to hundreds of dollars..I went through the selections and found a nice pair of Sony headphones,read the reviews and made my choice. I ordered them, and they UPSed to my home in a few days. I didn’t have to go out,spend gas money,no hassles and “wallah”I got what I wanted.

You see..lifes not over, just different.





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