Attitude of Gratitude

dad-hmbView From the Chair

As I was recently thinking about SJK…I decided that I would develop for myself an attitude of gratitude. Since I had a stoke in 2005 life has changed for me.  I was a very independent person….cut wood,fix things, and drive myself everywhere  Now I depend on others to help me. Since I ended up here at SJK I have become more appreciative of others. The nurses here help me so much. So I allowed myself an attitude change. This has been great for me. Each day is like an adventure. Starting my day with a smile is not too difficult after all.


  1. The way you handled your challenges is an inspiration dad. I wish I had written this in March of 2011 so you would hear me say it. Most people don’t handle challenges very positively and you really pushed on and trusted the Lord and did your best. I will try to apply what you’ve shown me when difficult things come. I love you dad.

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