Bits and pieces..October 2013

  • clock…I had been looking for a clock I could see at night. I needed a battery-powered clock, readable from a distance, in a corner with no outlet nearby. I opted for LCD because of the lower power requirement than LED, but I wanted to read it at night, which required some sort of backlighting like electroluminescence. I found the 2-inch Elgin LCD battery-powered clock on Amazon. It has an alarm, which I didn’t need, but also has a toggle switch which enables/disables a light sensor; when enabled, the sensor turns on green backlighting at night (probably EL).This is just what I wanted Very happy.
  • hand wash-Since my stroke it’s been hard to wash my hands. I’ve ordered Method foaming wash twice. The first time it was the blue-tinted Eucalyptus Mint. (Gorgeous color). It had a scent that I thought would work well.

    This time, I wanted one without dyes, so I got the Sweet Water, hoping it would have a “unisex” sort of scent. Water is neutral, right?

    No, it doesn’t. I’d put this scent squarely in the “gentle floral” department. It’s a clean, scent that’s not overwhelming .

    The foaming action is great (I reuse the bottles, putting other shower or hand soaps in there, diluting a bit with water, and getting them to foam up this way.) These make nice gifts in baskets witih other personal products, cause the bottle’s shape is attractive.

    It’s not inexpensive. You can get hand washes for a LOT LOT less. But this one smells wonderfull, doesn’t irritate my  sensitive skin, and foams up..easy to use.

  • Flag– Yes I’m an American through and through.I wanted a small American flag to be on my computer desk, so lo and behold my daughter had one for me! I love lookng at it every day, as it reminds me of what I stand for.




  1. Glad you are finding what you want and need 🙂 I love the look of the Method soap bottles too! Love you Dad,


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