Bits and pieces-September 2013

  • Haircut…how can I get one after my stroke? I usta go to the barbershop, then they became hair salons! When the shop had a barber pole outside the front door [yes..really] you usually knew the barber personally, and he remembered you so you just said “the usual cut” please. You sat down and waited and read some manly magazines until you were called.


   Now that I had stroke how am I going to get a cut? The convalescent hospital provided me, along with others, a girl barber. She was quite good..asked me if I wanted a winter cut or a summer one! When I moved to assisted  living with my daughter, I found Gloria. She cuts my hair the old fashioned way like my barber…so gentle and smooth.  She takes years off my looks and makes me feel great.

  • Fans…Here’s something I found that helps me to sleep.  I set up  a small fan on my night table next to my bed.  The quiet noise of the fan helps to drown out noises and cool me down in summer.


  1. oh dad! You and your fans! I always remember you having a fan in your room and you stocked us up on them too! Good memories. 🙂

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