Bits-n-pieces-August 2013

🙂 Cigars…yes I enjoy a good “puro” now and then. After my stroke I thought I was done for. Gradually I realized  “not so”, so I tried a smoke. It was hard to hold my cigar but I could do it with my left hand. I  am right handed. I even found that I could light it …WOW. Back in business! For us cigar guys it’s all about taste…So on with the hunt for that perfect cigar. At last I found the perfect one..

Good taste, good size [fit my mouth opening after stroke] and very satisfieing.

 Spoons, forks, -plastic…I discovered that regular utensils were too heavy for me to use.  It was very awkward. So I pressed on, forcing my right hand to work in spite of itself. My daughter introduced me using plastic ones all the time. She, as my caregiver, preferred not to add any more stuff to the clean up routine than necessary. By forcing my right  hand to do tasks again it allowed for new neurological pathways to be built by my brain. I am now using my right hand for many tasks that I thought were gone!

 Drinking water..I did not understand just how important it is to regularly drink some water. After my stroke I could see for myself, those around me in the rest home  were at different stages of problems. I began my own hydration therapy program. Things in my life are working better. Here’s a bit from Web MD about the importance of water.





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