choice to live a better life


As I think about my life here in the convalescence home I am very grateful that I’m here.    Now I didn’t start out that way but as time went by I became more and more grateful because of the help I am receiving.  I’ve always been the type of person who liked to do everything themselves and rarely depends upon others.  I had a stroke on my right side and and was right handed  so it greatly effected me.   I determined that I was going to get better  So, I went to physical therapy regularly and work myself out.  I am a very determined person and that is determined to get better.  As time went by I did improve some but not as fast as I wanted to . I would be up and walking in a quick manner but it didn’t turn out that way.  I began to be very thankful for my nurses because they came in changed me when I needed  changing   and they helped me to accomplish as much as possible on my own …they call it, “getting independence back “.

Fortunately I was able to move to another convalescence home closer to where my daughter lives and she visits me offen   .  the people here are like family and they take care of me and have helped me so much that I am really getting much better much quicker.  I found that if I developed an attitude of gratitude it just seemed I was able to deal with more frustrating things  in a better way.

It’s now been four years since my stroke and I really am doing much better. I have learned to put more effort into what I can do on behalf of my  recovery.  We handicapped people have to put effort into getting better.   I got myself a computer and started learning how to use it effectively .  I also started visiting with the residences to learn more about how they got  handicapped.  I’ve also joined with more social events and participated in what was going on.  I am truly trying to do my part to get better.

I decided in my mind that I would be grateful and so each day  I choose to be grateful and it makes quite a difference in everything that I am involved with.  I’ve  discovered that how happy and comfortable you can  be when you’re in a  convalescence hospital.
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As you can see it’s really a choice you have to make.  When you become handicapped your life really changes and you have to look at life differently in order to survive.   You can give up or decide you’re  going to get better.

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