dealing with being handicapped all of a sudden!

Mentally  [2 of 5]

Now, I never liked hospitals, so I wasn’t happy to be there at all.  No privacy, they keep track of every thing you do, and I couldn’t walk to the bathroom so I had to use a urinal… ugh!  Now remember, before the stroke I was getting around quite well by myself.  I’m kind of a self-sufficient guy, and I really didn’t like the idea of not being able to do things on my own.  You see, I was thinking that this is just a short-term thing.  duh.  As I look back on this experience from 2008 I seem really foolish!

They kept me in the hospital for about a week.  Then they transferred me to a convalescent hospital.  They said it would be good for me to begin therapy.  I was still thinking that this would be a short term problem.  So I threw myself into therapy with gusto, figuring I’d be all done and ready to go home in a month.  Well, walking was extremely difficult and I would get so angry with myself for not being able to walk.  Now this particular stroke hit me on the right side of my body… I’m a right-handed person, so it really affected me.

So you see that mentally you must shift gears.

This was no picnic for me, like I said I thought I would be out of there by a month, but the harder I worked on it the harder it became.     When I first had my stroke my mind was foggy.  I could not remember things I should have known.  This was very frustrating.

My stroke affected my speech also.  I could not talk clearly, and this was very frustrating.  I spent hours with a speech therapist .  She was very good.  As I write this today.  I am using a speech program on the computer that transfers, what I say into typing.  It’s called Dragon nine.

It was hard to keep from being angry all the time.  So… I set out to find out more about a stroke.  The more I found out, the more depressed I became.  I didn’t want to be this way, so I made my mind up that I would be determined to get   better. I firmly believe in God, and I believe that he helped me get through this very scary  time.

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