digital photo frames.

I had to write about this product because it is so fantastic.  Now, I come from a generation of album makers to keep track of and look at the pictures.  I can probably count on one hand, how many times I would go into look at an album.  I was just a busy guy, and I didn’t take time to do that. [i know, i know pretty lame!]

I got a digital photo frame for christmas . I found that it was very easy to transfer pictures to a thumb drive and put it on display.  So, I asked my relatives to please e-mail me pictures.  The reason I am writing about this now  is  this has  taken a while for them to get used to the idea.  I have my frame on my dresser so I can see it all the time.  Even though I’m in a convalescent home  I feel quite close to my children and grandchildren.  I don’t have a storage problem that a bunch of albums would be.  Also, it is quite handy for me to see.
Coby DP-758 7-Inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame

Yes, these can be expensive.  But if you shop around a bit and you can find  good deals.  As far as I am concerned, this product truly is wonderful.

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