going to the movies in a wheelchair

Going to the movies in a wheelchair

Since I had my stroke in 2005 I have had to face a lot of things.  Going to the movies in a wheelchair was one of them.  It is truly a different experience not being able to walk to your seat and sit down and also go get your popcorn.  When I was first asked to go to a movie here at the convalescent home I thought to myself, how on earth am I going to do this?  Well, being the worry wart I was, it was like taking an adventure in uncharted waters.  As usual, I worried for nothing.  I just had to get myself ready and show up at the appropriate time in front of our home.  Our activities department had taken care of all the details.  I had a nurse that could push me and help me out if I needed it. All of us who were going to the movie were helped to board up their para transet bus.  Now I have seen these buses before but I never thought about riding on them.  They have a lift on the back of the bus that takes you wheelchair and all aboard.  They have anchor belts to tie you down firmly and a safety belt.  It’s really quite nice having someone else drive.  You get a chance to see the countryside.  And when we arrived at the movie we were all unloaded, and went right in [since we’re all handicapped].  The nurse pushed us to the movie handicap section and got us all squared way.  We even had popcorn and drink.  It was great fun.  After the movie we went across the plaza to a restaurant and ate out.  This whole thing was paid for by the activities department.

This whole adventure meant a great deal to me.  It showed me that I could to a great many things that I thought I could never do again.  I am very thankful.

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