Goodbye 2013…Hello 2014

Hi  guys….well another year is gone into history. Yes, we’ve had our downs and a few ups…I for one am full of thanks to God I’m still alive, handicap and all, that I can say these words now. For our country it’s been a tough year [s] since the lefties took over things. As a conservative I’m very sad the way things have gone, however I firmly believe God is in charge. As a Christian GOD has shown me the way That I need to respond to our troubles here in America. No lie or deception will go unseen by God. He will bring Justice to all of us.

Now personally….yes it’s been tough. I’m very thankful, however, that I’m on assisted living now with my daughter helping me. Not being able to move my legs,arms, and hands like I use-to is a pain, but I’m moving forward a little at a time. I know, I know, I even got the blue California handicap sticker to prove it, but it’s still not fun. 

I wanted to thank you readers for joining me this year at Handicap Cafe. Your responses help me to carry forward.  I have plans to hopefully make this little blog more interesting in 2014.

May God bless you and make His face shine upon you…



  1. I think it’s great that you are able to do the things you do Dad. What a gift! I love how you can see the bright side of the circumstances. Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2014?! Crazy. Love you

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