Handicapped: Not all of me…

  I must share what happened to me at four am this morning!  I woke up with a start and realized, yes, I am now handicapped but not all of me.  My mind is still working. In fact it’s working better than before. I am learning new things daily. I’m getting less angry or irritated at myself daily. My desire to embrace new [for me] things and make them a part of my character is very wonderful. I had no idea this was possible.

   I believe this is happening to me through my faith in God. Ya see I believe in God. Through-out my life He’s been there for me. So I believe there are no accidents in life. Take my stroke for instance…yes it was awful, life changing, I went through hell on my end.however, God knows what He has in mind for me..It was up to me to give my WILL over to Him. Not an easy thing to do. This is one of those things you never arrive at. It is a daily effort. I read my bible every day..I take the time to stop and think about it.

Posting this Blog once a week has given me a new sense of accomplishment . Thank you guys who regularly read my postings


  1. Well dad, not one bit of you is handicapped anymore! So happy for you, but sad for us.

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