Stroke things-Heartburn

I don’t like heartburn. It’s very uncomfortable and burns your stomach.  I’ve had heartburn on and off for years. For some unknown reason I never tried to find out WHY. I’m a guy so I tend to think mostly in a linear [straight line ] fashion. If it aint broke don’t fix it. If it burns my stomach take TUMS. I know, I know  that is stupid thinking. My daughter [who is a global thinker] suggested I look it up and see what it is. Wiki links says this…

Citrus and coffee are just two of many triggers. Learn about the most common causes of heartburn. And note that the trigger for any given heartburn episode may be multifactorial—that is, attributable to multiple factors, such as the glass of OJ you drank while exercising and the big dinner you ate just before bedtime

 These are two of my favorites…ummm.. I guess I’ll just have to cut back a bit.  As  I  think about it I can still have some of these no-no items just in lessor amounts.  Once again it’s up to me to be responsible for what I eat and how much. Here’s where the Doc. comes in. I’ve spent most of my life avoiding them. [$ and bad attitude]Look where that got me!

In the convelsent hospital  they gave me a prescription ant-acid. It worked no more problems. 

The other day, ignoring my own advice, heartburn returned. Sooo awful. Seems I had not been paying attention to what was going on  around me. Too much chocolate, coffee, citrus drinks etc. Oh yea, I let myself run out  of prescription antacid meds.


  1. I always remember you with a bottle of Tums..hope you can get your prescription medicine soon Dad!

    • Hi toots
      yep got my meds now. Weather here is great. I have an apricot tree right outside my window. A very good crop came in. Yum..yum.
      luv you

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