Hiding anger or ignoring it, is not heathy.

As I re- think my thoughts on anger I feel compelled to do more study on it. Here’s two definition’s,

Emotional competence does not come from hiding or ignoring feelings.
Everyone has feelings. Healthy people experience a full range of feelings: joy, anger, sadness, relief, love. Competence comes in acknowledging these feelings for what they are-feelings-and realizing that they can be expressed in healthy ways rather than denied or used to manipulate, bully or control others.
Because many of us have learned myths about anger, we don’t consider anger as that “good friend” which stops by on occasion to warn us that we may need to make different choices, set boundaries, protect ourselves emotionally and physically, etc. • Feelings of powerlessness

What Is Anger?
Boiling Point the Workbook: Dealing With the Anger in Our Lives
by Jane Middelton-Moz, Ph.D.

Synonyms: annoy, irritate, bother, irk, vex, provoke, aggravate, peeve, rile
These verbs mean to disturb or trouble a person, evoking moderate anger. Annoy refers to mild disturbance caused by an act that tries one’s patience: The sound of the printer annoyed me. these came from the dictionary.

I had never thought of anger as being a ” good friend. So this is a whole new thought for me to grab ahold of. As I’ve thought more about anger I began to realize that it does create an upset in your body which affects your health, causing you to lose sleep and not be as healthy because you don’t take care of yourself.

How do you make anger a ” good friend”? I think you should see this as a tipoff to something going wrong in your mind. You’re feeling of powerlessness to your circumstances will overcome your good thinking mind. Your mind is very powerful so you will need to put something positive in it to overcome your anger. What’s your favorite hobby , what are you interested in, cars, boats, something you really enjoy.
Of course you are now handicapped so you’ll have to think about these things without getting mad.
If you’re like me this will take a great deal of effort, but in the long run it will enable you to begin to heal quicker.

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