Baby Boomer in Nursing Home, How did I get here?

Me and one of my nurses, I am looking a little crazy before I am prettied up!

Me and one of my nurses, I am looking a little crazy before I am prettied up!

The other day I was thinking about my stroke. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. Working hard, trying to take care of myself, vitamins and all, and bam, the stroke hits. As I got to looking at what I was actually doing I can see that I really wasn’t taking care of myself properly. I wasn’t following God’s advice, Hebrews 4:6,7. I was worried all the time and I was overweight and I wasn’t taking my high blood pressure medication properly. I was self-employed and had to bring the money in every month or else. As I read more about strokes I realize my body was giving clues and I’m not paying attention. You know how guys are, we think we can ignore the obvious and live forever . And now as I read more and began to understand how devastating the stroke is and how it can come along suddenly. I was in my bedroom when tinfoil before my eyes shimmering and it wouldn’t stop. I was not taking my meds for high blood pressure properly, thinking oh well I’ll get through this. Well I didn’t , and it struck my right side and of course I’m right handed and along with everything else I couldn’t walk, or talk, or even think. Well, I’ve been in this convalescent home now for 2 1/2 years and I am getting better.(It certainly is slower than I would like) and things I’m thankful for is now I have more time to spend with God. I’ve been a Christian since I was 19 and I guess I’m a slow learner that God is merciful and now I am seeing things through new light.


  1. Vic, I finally took the time to read the newsletter that Linda sent me a few weeks ago, and I am very impressed with its content. Nice going. The different topics are interesting and some are crucial for our time. Hope to see you again at her Dec.6th gathering. Denise

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