It’s a new thing becoming handicapped.

It’s a new thing becoming handicapped.

For my handicapped readers, I thought I would tell you a bit about me. I found handicapped in 2005. I suffered a stroke. One day I was fine, and the next day I was handicapped. It took me many months to move on from feeling desperately worthless to become anything that I was going to make something of this new life. I thought that the results of this stroke would be over soon. I know, I know, you must think I’m crazy!

It’s now 2011…[6 years later]… yeah here I am writing.

I wanted to tell you what has helped me. First and foremost God himself. My daughter encourages me so much. Her children too have accepted me just the way I am. I live in a convelsent home because I can’t walk and need constant care. The staff here has become my second family. I see my daughter at least once a week.

I am making progress in my life. I am thankful for what I have. Please don’t give up.


  1. i am living as a handi cap i had a stroke 9 years ago and it left me not being able to do what i use to do before my stroke i was a runner m i run in two marathon and at the age of 50 years old i had a stroke and it left me with a limp and not being able to run , but i can walk i have no use of my left arm but i am tring to get it back i have found over the years that you do often get better as timegoes on but it is a struggle and it is very difficult, but if you want to get your life back as it was before you can”t give up you just keep on working you tend to have alot of hope which is good because it keeps you wanted more and it gives you a purpose so the best advice i can give you if you have had a stroke and has left you handicap don”t give up keep on trying it will get better it does take a long time but it is worth it

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