Help For Those Who Can’t Afford Computer Repairs

By : Robert Souza : 10/28/08 Castro valley Forum

Claiming to be a former “faceless information technology worker of the 1970s” — and retired for the past 13 years — Erik Jensen says he has both the time and skills to help those facing hard times to make their way back to the information superhighway.

“Times are tough for people nowadays and I’m trying to help those who are without the economic ability to do so themselves,” says Jensen, who has been repairing computers free of charge at his Castro Valley home for, among others, students who have no financial support, the unemployed, the disabled, and those with homes in foreclosure.

Jensen says he doesn’t intend to take business from—or to compete with—legitimate computer repair shops in town. He’s just trying to help people in need and maybe keep a few computers from finding their way into the landfill.

“Hopefully the community will see this as a service to those who need it and will inspire others to help,” says Jensen, who explains most computers aren’t actually broken, they simply don’t work properly because they need software reinstalled or reconfigured.

“I’m 61 and I’ve lived in Castro Valley for over 20 years and it’s time for me to do something for people.”

But getting the word out on what he does has been vexing Jensen for some time now. “The biggest problem I have is there’s more people out there to help and I can’t do good for people if they don’t know about me.”

Jensen offers his repair services virtually for free, excluding any parts that may be needed. He does requires a $20 deposit, with $15 returnable when items have been picked up. He cannot offer warranty service and it is strictly a first-come-first-served enterprise for Castro Valley residents only.

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