Memorials for Vic Chernoff

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Memorial Gathering for Vic Chernoff

We cannot thank everyone who was able to attend enough.
It was a warm and wonderful event and the love for our Dad was wonderful to see and feel.
I will post photos and more later.
Thank you everyone!


Vic Chernoff went to be with the Lord at 7:15 pm, July 13, 2014.

The nurses were talking to me about how much everyone loved Dad.
They shared stories and humorous things that made us all laugh. Then they shared about him praying with them for their families and sick relatives. One thing we all agreed on for sure, Dad is in heaven now.
One of the residents who is in good shape and has known Dad from when he lived there before, started crying, and she said, “everyone in here is going to be upset”. Your Dad was a big deal around here. 🙂
He was the President of the Residences and wrote a newsletter when he was in there.
Where ever Dad found himself in this life, he always got involved and loved to help others and feel useful.
As usual Dad made friends where ever he went.
He was the first resident in St Johns Kronstats to have a computer, and eventually they installed wireless just for him. He told them, more people like me will coming in and they will want to have their computers too. They agreed with him.  🙂

Dad, I hope right now you are having the best new adventure of your life. I know you are feeling a love you never felt on this earth and I can picture you laughing and running free in full total health.
I know one thing for sure, when God is going over your life with you, you are not going to believe how many people you impacted and affected.
You never quite knew how much you blessed people around you and how very loved you really were.

 From daughter, Linda, morning of July 13, 2014

I am sitting here writing this next to the bed of my father, Vic Chernoff, whom I created this blogging website for. He has posted over 225 posts! He has had this site since 2008. I had no idea it’s been that long. He was willing and game to learn how to blog. He also was a great student. He was hoping he could help others who had suffered a stroke, but then this site turned more into his thoughts and other things he read that he liked and his cartoons. Oh my Dad loved his daily cartoons. Since I was a little kid.
Those of you who were on his mailing list back in his Sheep Ranch days, may of gotten his Gulchman Newsletter, so you know what he likes to write about.
I nagged him about writing more and writing his own thoughts, which he started to try to do more, but it was hard for him to type much with the stroke damage. We tried Dragon 9 speech recognition for a while, but that ended up taking more time than typing.
So he hunted and pecked and managed to get this many posts published, and I am so proud of him for that.

He is now dying.
I finally brought my computer with me to the nursing home, because sometimes dying takes some time.
You look at this person you love, and they are skin and bones and sleeping all the time, and they look like they will die any minute. But it has a been 6 days since the nursing home called me to say he was dying.
He has been in the nursing home since April 2014.
It was sudden and unexpected. He had just had his check up in January and was doing better than ever.
He became very ill with endocarditis in late March and was in the hospital.
Then we moved him the nursing home which we thought would be temporary.
We thought he would be coming back home after some rehabilitation.
That was not to be the case.
His aortic and mitral valve were damaged and he was too frail for the surgery he needed to repair the damage.
My Dad never gives up. He is such a fighter. An amazing, brave fighter.
But this time it slowly dawned on him and us, that this was a fight we could not win.
Just watching him breathe now, it is strong and steady, and when I read the words of love that my family has emailed or tell him messages people have asked me to relay to him, he will smile.
That is about all he has left that he can do.
It just says so much about him. He was a happy person by nature.
Also, he never wanted to cause anyone trouble. Just make things better for all of us.
Biggest heart in the land and unconditional love. I do not know if I will ever find that again. I was privileged to have him in my daily life the last 9 years and living with my family the last 2.5 years. The blessings this has brought all of us have been plentiful and I plan on sharing that more on this website.

I told my sister Renee, I want to use this website that he loved so much as a memorial to him.
We can post photos, kind words and remembrances here.
I am going to write about my journey with my Dad during this last phase of his life as a way to remember him and ease some of the pain I am feeling. I welcome any writing others may want to post.

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Victor Paul Chernoff, my Dad.
by  Renee Chernoff
Renee and Dad Vic Chernoff

Renee and Dad Vic Chernoff

Victor is originally a Latin word meaning, “He who conquers, or Champion”.
Paul comes from the Latin word meaning, “humble”.
Chernoff, Russian and Jewish for “black”, denoting a black-haired or dark skinned person.
I wanted to start by referencing the meaning of my Dad’s names, because I believe he fulfilled each of his names
every day of his life and even into eternity.To understand my Dad, and who he was, all you have to do is know about one moment in time, one decision made, by one man, on one day.
The day I was born, Victor Paul Chernoff decided to commit to something difficult and challenging. He made a covenant that day, April 24th 1980, to God, to himself, to my Mother and to me, that he would be my Father, love me, and help raise and take care of me, even though I was not biologically his. My Dad held my newborn self in his arms and said, “Welcome to this crazy world, little girl”.

I have many childhood memories of my Dad taking the time to play with me and my sister.
How can you make a trip to the garbage dump fun?  Well, my Dad did it by laughing and playing loud banjo music in the van on the way there, that’s how!

From patiently waiting for me to take my medicine when I was sick, to sleeping in the extra bed in my room when I was scared at night, or reading to us, or playing bank with us while he smoked his cigar, or building us a playhouse, or by riding the Giant Dipper roller coaster with me, or helping me to buy my first car, or teaching me how to change a tire, or by reading his Bible every morning at the breakfast table, or by dancing silly with us while his keys jingled on his belt, or by blessing my marriage, or by praying for and blessing his grandchildren with a rich, spiritual heritage, or by telling me “The Lord loves you and is so proud of you”, or for showing my husband a good example of what a strong, spiritual man looks like, or for having grace for me when I messed up, or by praying for me and with me, and so many more moments shared, my Dad lived out his God-given purpose to me.
He stood firm and made that covenant so long ago in April of 1980 and he never once looked back.

Still, to this day, I do not understand this, but I can tell you I am eternally grateful for the decision he made,
that one moment in time. I would not be the person I am now if it wasn’t for my Dad. He told me that I was his second chance at being a good Dad, and I am grateful I was able to tell him, “Dad, if I was your second chance, you did good, real good”. From that one moment in time, that one decision, made by Victor Paul Chernoff, on that one day in April 1980, my Dad fulfilled the prophecy of his name by being a Humble Champion… who happened to have dark hair!

I know all of us have stories of what my Dad meant to us, I know he has inspired, taught and loved many of you; he has made an eternal impact on many of us.
I miss my Dad so much, but even in the midst of my grief, I have a reason to celebrate, that my Dad knew Jesus, and is now free from his body that held him captive for almost 20 years and he is dancing on streets of gold, keys jingling and praising The One True King, His Lord and Savior.  I will see my Dad again someday and oh what a glorious day that will be!

“Precious in the sight of The Lord is the death of His saints.” Psalm 116:15


“Vic was there for me when I was on a very bad place with my ex husband. .He gave me a shoulder to cry on and a safe place to talk and vent..he holds a very special place in my heart”…With love. Sandy

The world will miss Vic Chernoff! He was a good and gracious man. He made me feel loved and cared for when he graciously invited me to live with him and his family during a difficult time. He was the first man who made me feel like a man was there for me after my own father died! I will never forget that nor his generous heart! He touched my life in many ways and I am sad to see him leave us.However I know I’ll see him again when I return home and we all rejoice with Jesus together! Love you Vic!  
Lorraine Loria



  1. Katie Smith says:

    When I think of Vic, I have very fond memories that go back to childhood. I can picture him in his red “Chernoff Alarms” shirt and smiling with his bright eyes. I can picture him smoking his cigar and driving us around in his purple dune buggy. Most of all, I remember Vic for his gentle, sweet spirit and true love for the Lord. While Earth has lost a great man for life, Heaven has gained a saint for eternity. It is in Heaven where Vic is now fully restored – all glory be to God!

  2. David Paul Chernoff says:

    How do you sum up a lifetime of memories, vacations, camping, motorcycle riding, down to my work ethics. My dad left a legacy of kindness for me to follow that I can only hope to live up to it.
    I guess when you pass away the hope is to be remembered, my dad is with me every day in my personal life as well as business.

    Thanks to Dad, I have been able to keep my own business because of the legacy he left behind. His reputation in the industry is of a kind and generous person and everyone that I have come in contact with that knew him always had something good to say about him.

    Love you Dad and see you on the other side.

  3. Sheri Russell says:

    So many memories….. I was 16 the first time I met Vic, and so looked up to him, always. He was always upbeat, always positive, always smiling, always welcoming. The world has a hole, and heaven is rejoicing! To all the Chernoff kids, you have a great legacy in your dad, but each of you already knows that. Thank you for sharing him with so many others.

  4. Daisy Paris says:

    I will always be grateful for who Vic was in my life. He was a good man. I was 16 when I met Vic and family. At 16, I had no hope or direction. Vic and Gail both helped steer me in the right way, especially in the Lord! I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Chernoff family! Vic also taught me good work ethic. I remember him telling me to “make yourself valuable in your work place”. I learned may departments at Costco because of Vic. Thank You.
    I will also always be thankful for Vic buying me my first box of cigars 🙂 They were really good too! Vic I wish I could smoke one with you now! I love you and know that you would be proud of me. I wish you would have been able to get the card and family photo I was going to mail out today. So I asked the Lord for Him to show us to you!
    I’m glad you are at peace now. It’s fulfilling knowing where you are and having no lack in all of God’s goodness . I hope you know how fulfilling you were to many! especially your family who will always be proud of you, and will miss you dearly.

    All my Love, Daisy

  5. Lorraine Loria says:

    So sorry Chernoff’s for your loss of your dad! I will never forget Vic! He was there for me when I lived with the Chernoff’s in Gilroy! He was a hard working and caring man! I thank God for bringing me to their home at that time! He was a special guy and I’m sad that he left us but I look forward to rejoicing with Him in heaven one day!❤️

  6. Eric Smith says:

    Vic was truly an exceptional man. He was always so positive and upbeat and friendly. Who in the world didn’t like Vic? It’s funny that what we tend to remember about people when they are gone isn’t how smart, gifted or competent they were, instead we usually think of them fondly because of how they made us feel about ourselves when we were with them. Vic always made me feel welcomed, at ease and like he genuinely enjoyed my company. In the end, I think it is the little kindnesses that people show us that have the greatest and the most lasting impact in our lives. I will always remember Vic as a gracious, friendly and kind man. I know that his family and friends will miss him greatly.

  7. Michelle Serrano says:

    I am so thankful for such a great childhood example of joy in the Lord and faithfulness as a father through Vic.

  8. Terry & Carol Stines says:

    From Terry, “I always liked Vic. He was always nice to me. He always asked me if there was something he could pray about for me.”

  9. When Vic and Gail first showed up at our church in San Jose…Judy and I were on the visiting team for new members….and the Chernoffs were on our list. What a delight we had visiting this family! We can’t remember how many times they had us over for fabulous dinners in their home. We ended up with our own home and needed a wineguard TV arial installed on our roof….and Vic did it. Both of us almost fell off the room a number of times….and we laughed about it….even though we could have been killed. When our college started on the church campus, Vic never failed to show up when we needed repairs or added new stuff. We are hoping our heavenly mansion is on the same street as the Chernoff family. We are sure that Jesus is having a fabulous time showing Vic all around. Even though we left the San Jose area some 35 years ago….we thought of Vic many times. WE DEARLY LOVE HIM.

  10. Sadly, I did not know Vic, but I know his daughter, Linda. She always spoke of him with such fondness, and now after reading these comments about my friend’s dad, I realize that her cheerful, outgoing personality, her competent business style and her optimistic nature were inherited from a wonderful man who made his family and friends smile. Rest in peace, Vic.

  11. Blaine and Bob Allen says:

    Vic Chernoff was my daughter in law, Reneé’s father. Though Vic and I only met a few times, I feel I knew him through the stories that Reneé has shared. Vic was a kind and generous man who loved and supported his children. He was brave and always upbeat through his illnesses. Vic was a great role model to his children and he will live on through Reneé and his children and grandchildren. Vic, enjoy your rest and God’s love in heaven.

  12. Dan Powell says:

    I was very saddened to hear that my good friend Vic had passed on. Those who knew him will miss him but will also realize he is in a much better place. My memories of him are all good. From the first day I met him he impressed me with his strength and courage. And then in the weeks and months afterward he impressed me with his patience, thoughtfulness, perseverance, guts, and undying friendship. I first met Vic when my wife, Carol, told me her friend Gail needed a Physical Therapist to help her husband who had a stroke recently. I’m a stroke specialist so I thought I might be of some additional help to the therapy he was already receiving. When I met Vic in his house on Yorktown Dr. I found out he wasn’t going to get any P.T. or any other professional help. I evaluated him and told him he could walk again if he was willing to work at it. He was very doubtful. Then I asked him to stand up. (He was sitting in a wheelchair.) Now he thought I was crazy. Within the next 60 seconds he was standing on his feet (with a little help for balance) and then he started believing. From that point on he was the hardest working patient I have ever had.
    I told him I would work with him for six months. It was the most rewarding six months of my life. He went from a very sad, hopeless person to
    the happiest person I knew. He did everything I asked him to do even though some of the things I asked him to do took every ounce of courage he could muster. He jumped on a trampoline, walked down a sloped lawn, and drove a car; all harrowing feats for a stroke patient. He did these and many other things – over and over – and he got better. His “final exam” was driving home from Morgan Hill by himself. When I talked to him after that he was ecstatic. Then he started talking about working again. He had always been the sole support of his family and the thought of reviving his alarm business excited him. His life began again; and he was very happy. By this time we were good friends and I would help him on certain jobs he couldn’t do by himself. He taught me how to install alarm systems. Vic was an excellent teacher, very patient and organized. After work we would go out to dinner (he had a barter account at a restaurant) and then enjoy a beer and a cigar together. This was a happy time in his life and it was fun to be with him. During this period Vic and Gail moved up to Sheep Ranch. The house in Sheep Ranch was off the grid and was powered by solar panels (mostly) and a generator. The house was heated by a wood burning stove (fireplace). Vic invited me up to the house every summer to help cut, split, and stack firewood. Vic would scout out the wood before I got there then we would drag it down to the house with his Jeep. I’ll never forget the good times we had at the mountain home. Vic was feeling good about being able to maintain a house off the grid and support himself. It wasn’t easy for him. He was walking with a cane and there were stairs and the house was in the mountains. He had to commute to the Gilroy-Morgan Hill area to service his customers. But he was happy to do it. Then the second stroke hit. It was tragic because it weakened and paralyzed his good (strong) side. Now both sides were effected. He never recovered but he never gave up. He’s been a good example for all of us.
    I went to see him a couple of weeks ago. We reminisced about the good old days. We’ll meet again some day. Love ya, Vic.

  13. Norm & Barbara Wehman says:

    We were blessed to have known Vic and Gail during our early years in our church. We counted them among our best friends and ALWAYS enjoyed their company. Our children also were good friends, and we were privileged to be able to spend quite a bit of time together. The family lived close by, and even our dogs were good friends (plus they provided us with two of our cats). Our dog Tootsie used to cross a busy street to visit their dog Jenny (if memory serves me right that was her name). If we couldn’t find Tootsie it was often because she was playing with Jenny. Anyway, Vic, thank you for being our friend and for the many fond memories. We know you are having the best time ever now, rejoicing in the presence of the Lord, walking, leaping & praising God!! We love you and look forward to seeing you again one of these days. Our prayers go out to the family – may you know God’s great peace and comfort.

  14. Jerry Russell says:

    I am grateful for having the privilege of knowing Vic. I met Vic at church while I was in high school. Vic was always encouraging and a great example for a young man to follow. My prayers go out to the family. Even though we rejoice that he is now in God’s presence, there is an ache in our hearts that reminds us how much we miss him. Now it is our turn to live out the legacy that Vic instilled in us.

  15. Amanda Chernoff says:

    When I think of my dad, I think of smiles, laughter, comfort, godliness, prayers and a ton of great memories that I will always cherish.
    I told my dad often and have and will continue to thank God that Victor Paul Chernoff is my dad. He was an amazing dad and I have been and am so blessed to have been able to have his fatherly love poured over me and into my life.
    As I sit mourning the loss of my dad, all I am wishing for is one more chance to crawl into his lap, lay my head on his shoulder, feel his arms around me and have him kiss the top of my head and say, “I love you babe.” Since that will have to wait until my earthly story comes to an end, at least I have the memories of all the times I was held in his arms and I am forever grateful for them.
    I know my dad touched so many lives with his love, kindness, and generosity. In a lot of ways, my dad was a father to many. I don’t think there are any two better words to describe my dad than a “father” and “fatherhood”. When I looked up the definition of both of those words, I was amazed at how they describe my dad. The definition of the word “father” is:
    “A man who gives paternal care to others; protector or provider” and “to take responsibility for”.
    The definition of the word “fatherhood” is:
    “the qualities or spirit of a father”.
    I think that all of is who have had our lives touched by Victor Paul Chernoff, can agree that both of these words perfectly describe not only his actions in his life but his total and complete character.
    In being a father to so many, I believe he fulfilled his purpose and destiny in God.
    I am and I know many people are extremely grateful to have been able to be a part of his story and destiny.
    I love you and miss you so much daddy. I look forward to the day you hold me and kiss the top of my head and say, “I love you babe.”

  16. Thanks, Linda, for writing about your Dad….I know how much he meant to you and how much having him live with you added to your life and to his. I know you will miss him. My thoughts are with you, and I’m sorry for your loss and for your family’s loss.

  17. Gail Chernoff says:

    We have all had many friends throughout our lives, but only a few of those friends would we actually call
    good friends. That’s because being a good friend involves time, understanding and love.
    Paul, in the book of Corinthians, tells us that faith, hope and love are very important but the greatest
    of these is love. True love is not a feeling, true love is how we treat people.
    People have been writing many nice and kind thoughts about Vic, but the thing that Vic has left behind,
    for me, is what it means to be a true friend.
    Once in awhile, somebody special comes into your life and touches you in a wonderful way, and even after parting, they leave an impression.
    Well, Vic, if I could talk to you today, I would tell left us with a real impression. We will never forget you, and hopefully you have
    inspired us to love better. You were a true friend, and I think that makes God smile.

    Tell we meet again,

  18. Jennifer Langdon says:

    I have never met Vic but am so inspired by reading the legacy of faith he left behind. A legacy of compassion, strength, and unconditional love. His faith in Christ lives on through his friends and clearly his dearly loved children. I have never met Vic but I have met, and cherish, some evidences of his faith: his daughter Renee, and his granddaughters Brooke and Kendall: all loving, joy-filled, and Christ serving. Such a legacy should all fathers aspire to create.

    Without a doubt, I missed out on the treasure of the man Vic was. But, in heaven, I look forward to meeting him. The first thing I will say is “Thank you for loving your family as Christ wanted, no matter the cost”. The second thing I will say….”Can I get one of those amazing “Daddy hugs” Amanda spoke of?”


    “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

  19. Brooke (Papa Vic's Granddaughter 8 yrs.) says:

    My Papa Vic was very special to me. I love him very much. And I’m so glad to know he is
    up in Heaven dancing with the angels. He was a really nice Papa and I know that he
    is having fun in Heaven with his dog Ginger.

    Love you Papa Vic

  20. Kendall (Papa Vic's Granddaughter 6 yrs.) says:

    My Papa Vic was the best Papa anybody can have. He’s up in Heaven, dancing with the angels and having
    so much fun.

    I love you Papa Vic

  21. What a special friend he has been to us all these years, and a wonderful Godly example in so many ways that it would take all day to list them;
    We loved him dearly, no matter how bad things got, he always remained cheerful and had a smile and happy greeting for us when we visited him.
    I know that he is in a far better place with a spring in his walk that he hasn’t had for years. Linda, Gail and I had the same picture of him being greeting by Bob Taylor as he entered into heaven, what great friends they were and they enjoyed each other so much, that I (Barbara) smiled when I saw that picture.

    We look forward to seeing him again, perhaps he will be there to greet us also when we cross over, we hope so.

  22. Bob Wise says:

    To this day I can see Vic laughing. When things didn’t make sense or didn’t go as one felt they should, Vic had that laugh that said ‘whatever’ and ‘let’s get on with things.’ His laugh was dismissive of obstacles but never the person. Vic was a mentor to me although he may never have known this. As a high school graduate and then a college student with more questions than answers I found my time with Vic reassuring and encouraging. Imagine that, finding comfort just by being in the presence of a friend and a coach. It wasn’t about answers and solutions; I didn’t ask many questions of Vic nor did I share many of my fears. Vic was simply one of those people in whose presence one found hope and laughter.

    I regretted the disconnect with Vic that grew over time and distance. I remember the heartbreak I felt when told of his stroke. Over the years the occasional news about Vic and his health made its way to me. And never did those updates come that I didn’t smile as I remembered the days of ministry to junior high kids, Disneyland trips, American Alarms and Security Systems, Sherman and Norm (Norman, you will understand the reference), of hard hats and diversa rods, of the great journey to Morgan Hill, of crazy kids with the last name Chernoff. As a young man trying to separate into the world of adulthood from the sphere of childhood, Vic’s influence and friendship gave me confidence and showed me how to enjoy life rather than fearing the future.

    God bless you my brother; now you are in the Savior’s arms. And to Vic’s family I pray peace, comfort and sweet memories and recollections of Vic. May the remembrance of Vic bring to your faces the same smile that crosses mine. Blessings.

  23. Judie Phillips says:

    Your father was one of THE MOST
    loving people I know! He was full of grace and very encouraging and uplifting when ever any of us were going
    through anything. He always gave out of
    His own need! He had a walk with God that was more than admirable! The way he could stand in spite of adversities was truly amazing. I know
    some of the gracious things that he did
    took more than mere human effort! His
    devotion to God gave him the strength
    to walk through trials that in the fleshly stength were virtually impossible! He
    truly knew where his help came from!
    I say, “Hats off to a man of God who
    truly walked with God and showed us
    all how to die to self!!!!”
    Our prayers are with you and your family!!!! Love you, Auntie Judie

  24. Tamra Chernoff says:

    Vic was one of the first adults in my life that spoke to me as if I were an adult too, even though I was still just a kid. That left a huge impression on me and made me feel as though I were important and my thoughts were important. I always loved going to the Chernoff house for visits and we even had several times when we would all go together to cut down our christmas trees together. I have many wonderful memories and I was blessed to be able to marry into the Chernoff family and proud to call Vic my father in law! I love you Vic and I look forward to the time I get to see you again!

  25. “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me, though he die — yet shall he live.” John 11:25
    This is comforting me right now.

  26. Meghan Netzel says:

    When I think of Vic I immediately think of his warm smile and cheerful attitude. He was always so welcoming when
    I came over to visit the Chernoff home as a child. I used to get so excited when I got to ride with Renee and Mandy in his purple glittery dune buggy. He would pull up to the bus loading zone at San Ysidro and we would all hop in and drive away with the top down like we were the coolest kids in the school. I remember the playhouse he built, which was two stories (I believe) and unheard of back then. We had so much fun “cooking” things in there. I know how much he meant to the girls and how big he was in their lives. I’m sorry to hear that he has passed but so grateful to know that I shared some of those wonderful childhood memories with your family.

  27. Alan & Kathy Ladd says:

    Dear Renee ,
    We were saddened at hearing your Dad has passed away. He was the type of guy that you would
    want to hang out with. I,(Alan) remember when you and Meghan were young, that Vic was always there
    for you but mostly I remember a fantastic personality and sense of humor. Hope to see you soon Renee, and the very
    best to your family in this time of sorrow. Love, Alan Kathy Ladd

  28. Dear Renee and Linda,
    Your Dad was a great man who loved God and people, a most likeable and friendly person that seemed to bless everyone
    who came to know him. It was my privilege to be his pastor many years ago, and I was always impressed by his sincerity
    and love for the Lord and His people. His last days were physically difficult, but he used his handicap boldly to inspire
    and bless others. His dedication shines through his daughters in a remarkable, complimentary way, and I salute you for your
    thoughtful efforts and beautiful expressions in this memorial page. Your father would be so proud of your effort to remember and
    acknowledge him. Vic is greatly loved, and so are you. God bless! Ernest Gentile

  29. Don and Judy Clonts says:

    We are so sorry to hear of Vic’s passing. Our families had a lot of good times together! Judy was reminding me yesterday, how at church Peter would run up to Vic, while he was in conversation with someone, and just stand there until Vic acknowledged him and rub his head and say hi!
    Let us know of any memorial plans.
    Don & Judy

  30. Gail Chernoff says:

    Over the 57 years I was married to Vic, there were many words of prophecies given to him, which I have in written form. In thinking about Vic’s life, I became curious about those prophecies, so I got them out and read them. As I read, I was amazed to see that every word (I mean EVERY word) that was said over him, Vic fulfilled in his lifetime! The Lord’s word is true and our times are truly in His hands. God’s word will not return to Him void. And if we love the Lord, and Vic did, we will not leave this planet until ALL is fulfilled in our lives. God is truly in control of our every day, start to finish. Vic ran his course and finished the race. Praise God for his life.

  31. Will Leonard says:

    The news of Vic going home to be with the Lord was a sucker punch that I was not ready for. I hadn’t seen him for many years but he made a big impression on me during my time getting to know the Chernoff family in the mid 90s.

    I have quite a few memories of Vic but two are standing out to me as I write this. The first was his laughter! You have to understand that as I was getting to know Vic, he was this impressive, wise, godly man who I had respect for. And though I knew he had a sense of humor (which I always admire in anyone) :), I hadn’t really heard him laugh hard. That was until the day during one of my visits that I along with Renee heard uproarious laughter coming from his bedroom. We walk in to see him on the bed laughing hysterically at a certain…..ummmmm….shall we say “gassy” scene from The Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy. Those of you who’ve seen the movie know exactly what I’m talking about. This stood out to me because I was like, “Hey, this kind, very godly man is a regular dude too” :). What made it especially fun were the eye rolls we were getting from Gail as we both were cracking up. “It must be a boy thing”, she said with a half approving smile. But even she couldn’t keep from laughing as we rewound it……and rewound it again. I think she was probably laughing at us more than anything.

    Secondly but most importantly what I remember was not so much a specific memory but about Vic himself. In a world filled with pretenders who don’t know how to be real men, Vic was a real man in every sense of the word. Real men know how to sacrifice and be upbeat even when the cards aren’t in their favor. Real men take hard circumstances and turn them into opportunities. Real men love Jesus. Vic was strong enough to be kind and knew who he was. He LOVED people, he LOVED his family, and he LOVED his Lord. I wish I could have seen him one more time but I will see him again on that awesome day when we’ll all get to eat at the same table with our Lord Jesus.

    My love to Renee, Mandy, Gail and the rest of the Chernoff family
    I pray God comforts you as only He can.


  32. Renee Chernoff says:

    Hi everyone, thank you for all of your comments and memories, they have all been so comforting to us and some have even brought some much needed laughter 🙂
    Just wanted to let you know we are planning a memorial service to be held in Gilroy. We have not confirmed a date but we are looking at late August. Please check back to this site to see the confirmed date. We are hoping to confirm a date in the next week. Hope to see you all then.

  33. Glenn Hutchens says:

    It was with great sadness that I read last night that Vic had died. He made a lasting impression on me in many ways. He was certainly a very respectful man in terms of how he treated others, and in great measure this was why he was so respected by others including myself. He was always gracious to my mother and I, along with Gail as well. They both were loved in great measure by my late mother. I always thought of Vic as a geat role model as a Christian, but also for his work ethic too. I saw him a few years back after he had started to decline and it was very difficult for me to merge the vibrant Vic of my early years with the man that I saw then. As sad as it was, he was the same man, with some less vibrancy.

    It is fair to say that I saw in Vic the father figure that I never had. I can only say that I loved Vic, and I am sorry that he is gone. This man made a significant impact on my life, and I will never forget him!

  34. Sheri Russell says:

    Dear Friends, I am so sad that Jerry and I will not be able to attend Vic’s memorial, as Michelle’s mother-in-law is getting married that day at the same time. If wedding goes quickly, we will stop by at the end. I have such fond memories of Vic, from riding with him on his motorcycle at 16, being welcomed into your home (ok, a couple of you weren’t born yet) as a messed up teenager, being welcomed into your home as a slightly more together adult, raising kids together, enjoying times of worship together, enjoying camping together (thank you Vic for saving me from burning down Mt. Madonna), and lots, lots more. With a grateful heart, I am thankful that this world is not the end. Love, Sheri

  35. Dave Kelly says:

    Vic was actually one of our 1st customers at CES

    When Charlie and I started the company back in 2003. I was awe-struck then by his

    Courage and determination to continue to thrive and not let his health get in his way.

    And of course, I remember him from the ASI/Alarm Supplier days when I first started

    Working in the Santa Clara branch – Vic and Norm both welcomed me and accepted me

    Even though I was the “new guy” on the block. The industry has lost a true

    Entrepreneur, an true pioneer in the security business. The thoughts of us here

    At CES go out to the entire Chernoff family.

  36. A sweet email I found from Dad to all of his kids on his last birthday, 9-24-13

    Well..another log on the fire! September 24th 1938 to today. 2013 has come so quickly it seems. Why just the other day you all were just toddlers going in all directions at once. Now you’re all grown up with your own set of problems. I am so thankful that you are YOU. I am so proud of you and your families.
    I can honestly say that I’m feeling fine and enjoyed this day very much. Linda provided me with fresh coffee in bed this morning [as she does most mornings] then my most favorite breakfast egg McBagel [ her own invention]..then on to a lunch from heaven..Boulevard Cafe homemade bbq hamburger with great fries and onion rings topped off with an old fashioned chocolate shake. Then a cream filled chocolate eclare for a snack.
    Thank you for your gifts.. Please bare in mind these words…
    Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:† mt.28.20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

    (2010-10-18). Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) (Kindle Locations 223210-223212). OSNOVA. Kindle Edition.

    Love Dad

  37. Jim Chernoff says:

    Hi all, this is Vic’s younger brother, Jim. Skip, as we called him when I was a child, was 10 years older than me, and I always admired him for his strength of character and “can do” attitude. He did a lot for me in HS and college (including a summer job) and even loaned me his snazzy Rambler station wagon in HS for an important date. We fell out of contact after our Dad (Vic Sr.) died, but I thought about him often and sort of thought he’d always be there. I was struck hard as well as saddened by news of his passing. Vic really brought something of value to the world, his friends and his family. He was a great man.

    I am attaching a photo of the 3 of us in July from 1999 (our Dad’s 87th birthday). Hope it is viewable. Love to you all. –Jim

  38. Linda,
    I won’t be able to attend Vic’s service tomorrow as I will be out of town. You and your family are in my prayers. MelD

    My friendship with Vic began the day I volunteered to give him a ride from Castro Valley to Dublin to spend time with Tamra and his grandchildren. We became fast friends and agreed that it was the Lord’s timing that opened the door for our friendship and fellowship. Jesus knew that I needed a Vic in my life – an encouraging brother and a man with simple but powerful prayers. I love the way that he loved Jesus and his love for the Word. I have great memories of the times I would take him to church on Saturday evenings, worship together, go out to dinner with friends who met and loved Vic. I can’t drive by the Red Robin without thinking about Vic’s love for Bottomless Fries. -:). I will miss the times spent visiting and fellow-shipping with Vic. There is sadness in my heart that he passed but definite joy in knowing he is eternally with Jesus. I am
    so sorry for your loss, Linda. Vic always shared with me how blessed he was to have you as his daughter. His healing is complete now.

  39. What a wonderful celebration of my Dad’s life yesterday! Thank you to all of you came to the memorial, what a blessing to have you joining us. Thank you for all of your support and kind words about my Dad; I know you blessed him during his lifetime as much as he blessed you. I hope we will all carry on with us what my Dad gave to us…

  40. Hi everyone 🙂 This is Trini, Vic’s granddaughter and I have some things I would like to say about my Grandpa.

    Vic was a special man and truly blessed me and my family. He and I were very, very close the last 7 years and I could talk to him about pretty much anything.

    I started taking Vic to church when he moved into a nursing home in Castro Valley in 2006.
    I considered myself a Christian back then but
    didn’t go to church often. I started taking my Grandpa and after church we would have these long, deep conversations about the sermon and the bible. I really feel that my Grandpa brought me closer to The Lord.
    I have now been baptized and consider that church my home church. I have had some amazing experiences there and have met some of my close friends through that church.

    I would have never even gone there if it wasn’t for Vic Chernoff. Beyond that my Grandpa was one of the first men in my life that really listened to me and made me feel accepted and loved. He supported me and would tell me all the time how precious and special I was to him.

    I told him often that he brought healing in my life and that I was so blessed to have him in my life. When my Grandpa entered a room you could feel the Lords presence. He had this very calm, easy going, strong, and very steady presence that never wavered. When he spoke his voice comforted me in a way that is hard to express in words.

    When I was little I used to crawl into the hallway at my grandparents house to listen to my Grandpa talk at night because I liked the sound of his voice. It was deep and just Godly.

    The first time I realized my grandpa was dying was the day before he died. I saw him and was in shock. I went home and cried for hours because it hit me that I didn’t have a lot of time before he would be gone. I wasn’t ready for him to go yet. I hadn’t said everything I wanted to say.

    I needed to tell him just how much he meant to me. I sat down and wrote him a long letter. The next day I drove to the nursing home and read him this letter. I thanked him for everything he had done for me and all of the great things he added to my life. I told him I admired his courage and strength. I read him this letter and went home. An hour after I said what I needed to say my Grandpa went to be with The Lord.

    I feel like my grandpa and The Lord knew I needed to say goodbye and I feel like my grandpa waited for me like he always did. He was always patient with me right until the end. I feel blessed that The Lord gave me the chance to say goodbye.

    I will always miss my Grandpa and the loss will always ache but I have closure and I know That my grandpa is in heaven now which gives me peace. It will be so good to see him.

    Thank you to everyone who came to the memorial and to everyone who spoke. It meant a lot to see all of you and to hear everyone’s memories.

    Love you Grandpa!


  41. Dad I wish you were here so I could say happy birthday today. We miss you so much. Love you.

  42. Dad, We moved into our new house, I wish you could be here to see it. I know you
    would love it. I miss you. I love you.

  43. Dad- I am sure missing you.

  44. Dad, I’ve been thinking about you so much. I keep wondering what you’re doing up there. Love and miss you.

  45. Love you dad. Miss you. I remember last year, calling you to say Happy Thanksgiving. I love how you were so thankful every day, every year, it didn’t have to be Thanksgiving for you to be thankful and appreciative of what God had blessed you with; a great example to me.

  46. Dad- I am feeling the loss of your cheerful and supportive spirit as I begin to prepare my first holiday meal without you.
    I love you Dad and I miss you.

  47. Dad, I’ve been thinking about you so often since we moved. I wish you could be here to see the new place. I am remembering how last year you
    called me and asked me to cash the check you were sending and give all of the grandkids $20 in $1 bills each for Christmas! They sure loved that and were so blessed by your gift. It was just what Grandpa Vic and Grandma Jean would do for us every year. I always remember loving to see that envelope with my name on it waiting for me on the tree 🙂 I love you and miss you. I cherish those special moments we shared together in the hospital room. xoxo

  48. I miss you dad 🙁

  49. I was looking at pictures of you today. Miss you. I still can’t believe that you are gone 🙁

  50. Hi Dad. Pat went home to be with The Lord last week…it made me picture you both hanging
    out, laughing in heaven! It’s so sad for all of us left behind, to have to say good-bye but it
    sure does help to know you both are in heaven, better than ever. Love you

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