Missing Dad. The Gift of Dreams and Memories

Missing Dad. The Gift of Dreams and Memories

I had a dream about Dad this morning right before I woke up. He was in his wheelchair and in his room with me here in our home.
We were chatting away like we used to do every morning. He asked me if I had checked his website lately. I said no Dad I have not, what is up?
He told me, ” they have reopened my favorite restaurant in Gilory”. Here take a look. I bent over his shoulder and he showed me a photo of a restaurant being remodeled he had posted. He used to put comics and just images up on his site, since typing was so hard for him. When I leaned over him, I pulled him up a bit to help him sit straight in his wheelchair and put my hands on his shoulders. Dad said let’t pray, like he used to do so often. He started praying and I woke up.
What a wonderful way to wake up. It felt so real and comforting. As the morning went on, I kept thinking about that dream. I am so grateful I had my Dad living with me and here with my for those years. I would of never had the memories built into my brain to give me such a lovely dream. 

Then I just realized a few minutes ago, it is Father’s Day!  What a gift my Dad left me. Thank you Dad. I miss you. My youngest child just graduated High School and we missed you Dad. You were at all the events of our life those last 7 years.  Our family friend who was close to Dad and used to take care of him for me when I had to go out of town, was here last week, and she said to me, I miss Victor. I told her, gosh he loved you Gloria. One year the kids and I went to Disneyland at Thanksgiving and her and her family came to our house and had a full on Mexican feast, with turkey and tamales that year with Dad. Him and her partner, also named Victor, smoked their cigars and had a grand old day. Thank you Gloria for loving my Dad. He sure loved you and your family too.


  1. I love this dream! It sounds just like dad. What a special
    way to start Father’s Day, with such a precious memory.
    I miss him too. Just yesterday we went on a golf course walk
    and the fresh cut grass smell reminded me of when dad would
    take Mandy and I to the park when we were little. Dad is missed by many.

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