Missing a parent during the holidays

This is my first Thanksgiving in nine years without my Dad. I feel sad and I am missing him very much this year.
For most of my life I did not see that much of my father. We did not live conveniently close and often we lived hundreds of miles away from each other.
Over the decades some years we only saw each other at holidays.ย  Then my Dad had a stroke and had to go into a nursing home.
He decided to move to my town, and came to live in a nursing home just two miles from my house. This started a lovely time for my family, where we had Grandpa with us once a week, all holidays, birthdays, graduations and any time we went out to dinner. Then he got well enough to move in with us and was with us for the last two and half years. I thought I had a good ten more years with him to look forward too when he became ill and died suddenly in July.ย  I am still trying to adjust to the hole in my life that he filled.

One of the many things I loved about my Dad was how much he loved the holidays. He loved all of it.ย  The family, the mood, the excitement, the seasons andย  mostly he loved the food.
My Dad loved food. He was a joy to cook for because he liked everything and would try anything and always oohed and awed and relished what he ate.It was nice to have him around to discuss the menu, and buy some of his favorites each year. A good example is he loved his Lipton onion soup mix, sour cream dip and potato chips.
This year when I was shopping I did not buy those ingredients, because he was the main person who would eat that.
As I shop now, I find myself reaching for foods that he loved and I see certain things and I think oh Dad would love that, and then it hits me, he is gone.
As I start to prepare some of the food for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow today, I have tears in my eyes and a heaviness in my heart.
It just is not going to be the same.
I miss you Dad.

Anyone who knew my Dad knew he loved his comics. This is one he sent me around this time last year.



  1. lol! Oh my gosh, the Lipton’s Onion Soup and sour cream was THE dip we always had growing up, I always remember dad always had it for Super Bowl games ๐Ÿ™‚ Dad was so grateful for anything you gave him, and he sure did enjoy every bite of yummy food. Hope you make it through tomorrow ok. Love you Linda

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