My attitude is a work in progress since my stroke

   My attitude is a work in progress. Each day I wake up and begin again. I begin again to realize how much God loves me and looks after me. Here it is, October 2013 and I’m alive!  A new day dawns, I see the sun rise and get another chance to enjoy life. As I looked up in the sky and saw the clouds it reminded me that I’m just a mortal and have no control of the big picture. HOORAY….IT ONLY TOOK A STROKE TO BRING ME HERE. I know, I know that’s a big leap. But many wonderful things are happening to me. 

   I’ve moved on from convalescent hospital living to independent living with my daughter. This is really great. I enjoy the environment of home. I do need assistance getting dressed in the morning and at night going to bed. I practice safety on every thing I do and I have someone there in case of emergency.

   Taster…It seems that since my stroke I can taste things better. I eat slower and pay close attention to what I eat. My stroke effected my throat and it took me awhile to see that. I added a mild hot sauce to my routine instead of using salt and pepper. It’s very taste e and pleasant. [Cholula]…—/dp/B0000GGHO2/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1381695339&sr=8-7&keywords=cholula+hot+sauce


  1. I am so thankful you are alive and well Dad and loving life. xoxo

  2. Oh Dad!! I wish I could say the same thing I did on this blog entry back on October 14, 2013.
    But I love you and miss you so much. What a gift you were to me. I’m so sad. 🙁

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