My stroke..Joining the handicapped club

This will be a 5 part posting of what happened when I had my stroke… this will probably take me several weeks to complete so please bear with me..
My story begins with my third stroke. It happened on the morning of March 9th 2005. I was working at my desk at home and answered a phone call, and I couldn’t speak clearly, and my vision started getting dancing lights. [now I didn’t feel like anything was really wrong] I went and laid down and called the doctor. He recommended I take some aspirin and just take it easy [of course this was not the right thing to do]. After a few hours I didn’t get any better so we called 911 and they came and took me to the hospital.

Now I was the kind of guy who figured how bad could this be? I had always been careless with my health… I was taking blood pressure medication [not faithfully ] since I had always had high blood pressure and I also had two previous strokes… you think I would’ve learned a lesson about high blood pressure … donucha know….

Now I was quite a distance from the hospital so it took awhile to get all this done. And of course after I got to the hospital I waited quite a while more, and I got worse the longer I was there it got to the point, I couldn’t move my legs, I was scared. Well it seemed to take a long time for them to figure out I was having a stroke. Now this took place in 2005 you would think they would know better! So they found me a bed and began to give me treat ments.

So, began my adventures in handicap living .

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