old folks thots

This is going to be weird..

But, when many of were younger, we were taught certain things.
Obey your elders,
REspect those older then you,

Yes, I know Im in that generation now.  But I cant tell those younger then Myself to DO THIS anymore.
Its NOT that kids know TECH better then the elders.  Or any of that.
Our elders are SUPPOSED to protect us, teach us, help us LEARN and make us better.
All I see at this time, AS in the past during the religious revolts in Europe, is CORPORATE leadership that is NOT worried about the Consumer/the nation/anything EXCEPT money..
Profit margins have Soared..
Upper wages have gone to the MOON and back..
Those in charge are the Con men of the 60’s and 70’s..
These folks have instigated the changing of LAWS and made BACK DOORS into our pocket books and taxes.
I dont even need to mention ACTA, and trade agreements be done in Back rooms and under the NOSES of our own congress, to be made into LAWS.
LAWS that Threaten your PRIVACY, and the corps dont PAY for the prosecution, YOU DO.  YOU are paying to be searched at the borders for Pirated Movies and music.  They HAVE the right to take ANY electronic device to be SCANNED and used against you.  Insted of FIXING THEIR PROBLEM of making a better distribution system.
WE are PAYING the corps thru our TAXES not to go BROKE, because they SPENT all the money, on WAGES.
We might as well be run by the Mafia.  and its WORSE then being run by the Mafia.

Have fun with this, its just STUPID how our Corps are taking over the world, and WE PAY FOR IT.

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