Roll Up the Computer

Flexible-screen This is either a step forward or a step back. You tell us. A computer display that you can roll up and stick in your pocket like a magazine. We’ll check it out on Engineering Works!

Computers are nifty. But they’re hard to take with you. Even a laptop is too big to put in your pocket. And the displays on small portables like Blackberries are hard to read.

But what if your computer looked like a magazine? And worked like one? You could hold it in your hands and read it like a magazine or a book. The display would be made of flexible plastic. The processor would be in the spine of the – magazine. You’d use a cable or wireless connection to load whatever you wanted to read from your desktop compute or laptop.

You’d use touch controls in a corner to open and close what you’re reading and turn the – page. Roll or fold it up and put it into your pocket or briefcase when you’re ready to go. One of the coolest things about a device like this is that you could load a whole shelf of books and magazines into it and walk off with them.

Computer engineers are getting close, but you can’t buy one yet. The displays aren’t sharp enough yet to read comfortably more than a few minutes. And the technology is still really expensive.
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Photo: Fujitsu

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