After A Stroke..Finding a good Shoe

As I sit in a wheelchair all day my feet swell up a bit.  Therefore it is very difficult to find a shoe that fits that  I like.

I started out with cheap tennis shoes.  They hurt  me, had no arch support, and didn’t look good to me.  The shoes other people in the convalescent home were wearing  made me feel old and crippled.  [ I am 73 and crippled-but in my mind I’m only 50].  Sooo  I checked out Amazon. Found a nice pair of tennis shoes and ordered. Well they arrived and looked great, however after having trouble tying my right shoe I realized that my foot was swelling more than  I thought. 

Back to square one…My next idea was stretch shoe laces. Amazon here I come. Found what I was looking for and ordered. When they arrived I got a nurse to help me put them on my shoes. My right foot would swell up during the day, so with the stretch laces I was fairly comfortable.

About a year ago I moved into assisted living with my daughter. She encouraged me to upgrade my shoes.  Now I’ve had to be Mr. cheep all my life due to the old saying “a day late and a dollar short”…so I had to think awhile on that. I finally agreed, as I’m not getting any younger, and I can’t take it with me, sooo back to Amazon

Hush Puppies brand came to mind as a good one so I went there.  I found a nice pair of slip on’s with a pull over tab and in a wide size and look good. I ordered and when they arrived they were exactly what I wanted. So finally got my shoe issue settled..I’m very happy with these shoes.

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