The view from a chair

Using a wheelchair takes some getting used to.  I have to admit that all the time I was walking I didn’t think much about using wheelchair.  In fact, I used to get angry because the wheelchair people had  special places.  Very thoughtless, huh! After my stroke in 2005 I could no longer walk.  So guess what … I was forced into using a wheelchair.  My life had changed and I was not happy.  Fortunately I was able to push myself around the convalescent hospital.  I saw others who were far less fortunate than I was, who couldn’t even move around by themselves.

I became determined to make the best of the situation.  Now one of the things that was hard for me was asking people to help me.  Like pushing me to where I needed  to go.  Once again my independence was  out the window.  Even my first time on the handicapped bus was a bit creepy as I was  used to taking myself where I want to go.  I won’t lie here, because mentaly it was very, very hard for me.
It’s now 2009 and I am making progress.  The bus is really easy to do and I enjoy myself.  They help me on board, and I go for a ride.  In fact, our activities people take us to the movies and out to eat.  I enjoy it very much and am very thankful I am healthy enough to do it.

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