U have mail

I got to thinking of the U. S  postal system recently , and how things have changed so much how we communicate with one another.  As a young kid I remember sending coupons in for things from cereal boxes and this seemed to take for ever to receive the item.  During those days a one cent postcard went a long way  .  Of course three cents mailed a letter I think airmail was six cents.  I remember the beautiful looking  stamps and of course you had to lick these to get them to stay on!  We did a lot of communication in person on Sundays we would visit the folks we hadn’t seen in a while and of course there is the old Faithfull wall telephone.  We knew the postman   and the bag he could carry on his shoulder over his back.  It was leather and quite nice-looking.  I lived in a small town and in those days post man would deliver the mail to your door and slipped your mail into a slot in the door.   In those days there wasn’t much advertising flyers and Mail it was mostly posts to you.

I must admit I love e-mail .  I keep in better touch with my whole family through e-mail.  After my stroke I couldn’t type and so using Dragon nine has really helped me to keep in touch with every one.  This is the program that lets you dictate what you want to write and puts it into a computer.  I love it.  It also saves a lot of money because postage has  gone so high.   I have 1 foot in the 21st century, and the other foot in the twenty -ith Century.

I love U.P.S. service.  It brings the packages I order quickly and in good shape.  Since I can’t get out to go shopping like I used to it is very satisfying to have this service.  Since most suppliers offer  this service it works out really well for me.

Since I had my stroke in 2005 these 21st century services have given me more independence.  I thought everything was gone when I had my stroke and thanks to the computer and my daughter who has been teaching me and showing me how to work it I have a new sense of power.  Of course it’s up to me to continue to learn as fast as I can.  I am determined.  I spend time each day working on what she has taught me and I am feeling more comfortable with my computer every day.

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