Wheelchair Shopping, after I had a stroke

Once again Amazon.com to the rescue. Since I had my stroke in 2005 it’s been a very slow process regaining the use of my right hand. Early on I bought myself a cheap wallet to just get by on. Now I am feeling better and stronger and can use my right hand more so I decided to get a new one. Naturally I couldn’t go shopping at the mall to find a new wallet so I went to Amazon.com. But quite frankly, I am enjoying going to Amazon more than going to the mall. They have quite a selection and the reviews help me to determine if I might like the item. I also have prime shipping so it doesn’t cost me to have it shipped, and also no state sales tax. So even if prime shipping doesn’t cover it I can see the freight costs and decide whether I want it or not.

I ordered my new wallet last week after thinking about it for a couple of days. I reviewed why I was thinking of a new wallet and whether this would be a good deal for me. That's another of the things I like about Amazon, I can think about it or I can go ahead and buy it.

Well, it just arrived and it is even better than I pictured in my mind.

Amazon.com has really helped me to be more independent. I used to be quite the shopper, always looking for the best deal. I would drive all over town trying to find the best deals on things that I wanted. Amazon has things from peanuts to bed sheets , electronics to furniture, anything you desire.

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