When you go out in your wheelchair

  Keeping your stuff together. I found what works for me is..a fanny pack! You know the stuff you need when you are out and about needs to be with you. I found a very nice, well made one on Amazon .com.

    I had been looking for something that would work for me for some time. I was a longtime briefcase guy. Mostly files, papers, even snacks like energy bars or nuts. Well after my stroke all that changed. A briefcase was to big and awkward and I couldn’t use my hands so good. So on to my quest for something to work.

   I tried different types of bags on my wheelchair. [You may say..so what to all this ranting on]..well I like to be as normal as possible..so I want my stuff with me. I even tried  over the shoulder bags.  These items were too “sissyfied” for me…[now remember I’m 75 years old!]..so onward I went. 

   After much [research]..ie. lookin around, I came across this butt bag. It has all kinds of pockets on it and is well made. Now, granted it’s not [cheap], but it had just what I was looking for. It has a place on the sides for water bottles. I had used the cheaper fanny packs and found them too lightweght to be of any use. Too tight and hard for me to use.

   If any of this makes sense to you take a good look at this item.



  1. Daisy Paris says:

    I will now have a new appreciation for fanny packs. You will be thought of every time I notice one! You’re so awesome that you wrote about this 🙂

  2. Dad, you and your fanny packs! haha I have so many pictures of you wearing your fanny pack when we would go on family vacations…love that. Miss you dad. 🙁

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